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Coral Reef Restoration Course

Do you have an interest in working on the Coral Farm? We offer a low-cost hands on underwater course!



The CCRRP is devoted to the restoration of Mexico coral reef system. We are a nonprofit group of volunteers. Our volunteers are made up of local businesses, schools, residents of the island of Cozumel and tourists visiting our island!


The Cozumel Coral Reef Restoration Program is headed up by Dr. German Mendez, a marine biologist that has devoted his life to this great project. Dr. Mendez started the CCRRP in 2013 when he returned to the island after many years of working in the U.S. on projects with the Florida Everglades and Florida’s Eastern Reef system. When Dr. German returned to the island, he saw what was once a beautiful reef system, when he left the island some 20 years before, heavily damaged from cruise ship traffic.


We need your help with our effort of bringing back the world’s second largest barrier reef system! Our coral adoption project will give you the peace of mind that you are making a difference! We are offering 3 tiers of donation, all of which will make a great impact on restoring this fragile ecosystem!